Fabric was born out of the desire to capture and tell the stories of our lives.

Our founding team has been on a lifelong mission to fulfill this vision. We are the people that brought you Facebook's Timeline, On This Day, Year in Review, and Friendship Pages: products that help document life's meaningful experiences.

While in awe of all the moments we are already able to capture, we realized that there are so many others that are lost to the ether. Not everyone is a social media butterfly or a meticulous note-taker, and even those that are may not be comfortable sharing a lot of their experiences. The Fabric iOS app was created to help anyone at all capture their story effortlessly.

We see a future in which these stories can be searched, surfaced at helpful moments, and used to solve the problem of forgetting.

Fabric is an alum of Y-Combinator's Summer 2016 class. We are lucky to count some of the most respected names in technology as advisors and investors.

Founding Team

Arun Vijayvergiya

Founder, CEO

Arun is perhaps the world's biggest fan of nostalgia. 

Prior to founding Fabric, Arun was at Facebook, where he invented the Facebook Timeline, On This Day, Year in Review, and led a number of other projects dealing with memories. 

Arun also built India's first consumer mapping website ( He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.

Nikolay Valtchanov


Nikolay received his BS in Computer Science degree in 2009 at Northwestern.

With a strong background in programming competitions throughout his education, he also immediately found a great fit at Facebook.

He spent the majority of his time building for the Facebook developer community as an engineer on a few Platform teams. Most notably, leading the work that allowed the more physically active users to show off that part of their identity with the help of running and biking mobile apps.